Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some pictures and some info

So this post was going to be basically all pictures, but blogger is being fussy so we'll just have to space things out I guess....  I'll put up a few and some info.

Alexander Nevski Lavra - garden - aka the place where we buy amazing bread

Yep.  I live near here.
So, as part of the internship program, I'm working with a Russian student to update the handbook that they give us and to translate it into Russian and English.  It looks pretty intensive: we just receieved the work today and already we have a "deliverable" due on Thursday.  By the way, the term "deliverable" might be the lamest piece of beuracratic jargon EVER.  I'll keep you posted.

Tomorrow, we're going to Gatchina (this fortress thingy about 2 hours outside of Piter).  Actually, I should post my list of excursions for those who don't speak Russian:
Fortress Oreshek
The Museum of the Blockade of Leningrad
A week-long excursion down the Volga
Ballet (Anna Karenina)
Hockey match
Pushkin (the place)
A tour of the Baltika beer factory
Museum of Dostoevski's appartment etc.
The Opera/Classical Music concert
Lomonovski factory
Banya (Bathhouse)


  1. I have heard the word "deliverable" many times. But not from the people who do the work. From bureaucrats whose work is to "shepherd" everything = add process. Nice pics, BTW.

  2. Hi, We're having a great time looking at your blog!!!

    Poppy and I hope you are having fun! It seems you are, if pictures don't lie.

    XXXOOOs, Grandma

  3. How are you feeling now? We hope you are better!

    Get in touch, XXXOOOS, Grandma